Curious about solar? Tired of your utility company raising their rates? Looking to do your part for a cleaner future?

If any of those apply to you, you’ve come to the right place!

With state and federal incentives available to homeowners like yourself, solar is finally affordable. It’s time to ditch the utility monopolies, save money, and help create a greener future for us all.

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Skeptical If Solar Works? 

See real utility bills from clients of ours after they went solar!

*not all utility providers offer a true 1:1 net metering. Book your discovery call to see what your utility company offers.


What incentives are available if I switch to solar?

The federal government provides all qualified homeowners with a 30% tax credit, meaning 30% of your overall project cost is subsidized with this tax credit. And depending on which state you reside in, you may also qualify for state tax credits or local rebates to help offset your costs.

In general, how does solar work?

Your solar system will act as your very own power plant producing energy for your property from the sun. All of the energy will flow directly through the main electrical panel powering your home with any extra energy being sent back to the utility grid, which gets credited back to your utility account. This is known as net-metering. 

What does maintenance look like for my solar system?

Maintenance will be very minimal. It will be beneficial to have your solar panels cleaned or hosed down once every few years, but other than that rainfall will do a sufficient job in keeping them clean and running efficiently.

What happens during cloudy days?

Where your solar panels won’t produce as much energy during inclement weather, you will still generate some power as the sun rays are still penetrating through the cloud cover.

Do you offer solar batteries?

Yes! We have a handful of battery options that can give you peace of mind during a grid outage. 

What happens if I need my roof replaced?

Great question. We take the age of your roof into account before your initial solar review. If your roof is on the tail end of it’s life, we will recommend getting it replaced prior to going solar. The great news is we are able to lump that into your solar project if desired. If your roof still has a good number of years remaining and it needs to be replaced after your solar system is installed, there is a small fee to have the solar system removed and reinstalled during a roof replacement. 

Ready to see if solar is right for you?

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Christian was very knowledgeable and courteous. Very professional. He didn’t mind explaining the same information multiple times to ensure I completely understood.He made sure he contacted use for every step made.Highly recommend.

amy parker Avatar amy parker
May 16, 2023

Micah worked diligently to get my solar system repaired when one of the panels was damaged. It has worked well since then.

Russell Hunt Avatar Russell Hunt
May 3, 2023

Micah Burklin led us through a great sales and solar panel installation experience. We are pleased with the results and highly recommend Micah to anyone.

Dr. David Foster Avatar Dr. David Foster
May 3, 2023

Scoot and his team at titan solar installed our solar panels, a task that was not easy. I always had many doubts about converting my house to solar energy, but during our first meeting, Scoot resolved many of our doubts and we decided to carry out the project. The whole process was going well until we had an issue with the HOA due to paperwork misunderstandings, we had to remove some ceiling tiles, solar panels and my roof had to be repaired. This is when I appreciate that Scoot was my agent, he was at the foot of the canyon in this incident. He gave us his support and most importantly he gave us timely and professional attention, turning a big problem into something that was easily solved. In a few words, he is a professional person, with extensive knowledge in solar installations, he is aware of his clients and their needs. And he's always one call away from help. I recommend it 100%. Additionally the installation team was excellent, I am a very picky person with installations and they did an exceptional job and very clean. 100% recommended.

Andrés Moreno Silva Avatar Andrés Moreno Silva
May 10, 2023

Mark was friendly, knowledgeable and helped make the process of installing solar at my home office a breeze. I sought information from several companies and chose Mark over everyone else for these reasons. Highly recommended.

Zak Avatar Zak
May 3, 2023

Really friendly and knowledgeable team at Resilient.

peter bennett Avatar peter bennett
May 11, 2023

Micah was super helpful getting my solar installed and answered every question I could come up with

Mike hebb Avatar Mike hebb
May 10, 2023